Instrumental Access

Our flagship program makes affordable, high-quality laboratory equipment available to universities and research institutes in developing countries.

Life-changing discoveries begin with having the right equipment in the right hands

Our goal is to remove barriers to scientific discovery for talented researchers in the developing world.

We start with providing reputable universities and research institutes with the tools and equipment they need to fully participate in the global science community. All equipment is donated by our donors from their surplus, overstock, or traded-in items.

Instrumental Access enables scientists to unleash their full potential. We utilize the resources we often take for granted and use them to level the playing field overseas.

But we aren’t sending any old equipment to anyone who asks for it. Instrumental Access has a strategic and rigorous process for screening applicants as well as equipment. And the equipment we provide is only the beginning of the support we can offer…

Once we have connected tools and talent, we make sure those scientists have the infrastructure, training, manuals, journals, and available answers to get the highest and best use of the equipment.