Teaming up to advance molecular biology research

Introducing the Addgene/Seeding Labs Plasmid Grant Program
Seeding Labs is partnering with Addgene, a nonprofit organization dedicated to making it easier for scientists to share plasmids, to offer free plasmids to current and former Instrumental Access participants. Read about why we teamed up here.

Addgene aims to help scientists all over the world accelerate their research by improving access to useful research materials and information, including a repository of more than 60,000 plasmids from over 2,600 contributing laboratories worldwide. Many of these plasmids have been described in published manuscripts and can be used in a wide variety of experiments with little modification or molecular biology work required. Since 2004, Addgene has shipped more than 1,000,000 plasmids to scientists in more than 90 countries.

About the Program

This unique grant opportunity is open to current and former participants in Instrumental Access (formerly the Seeding Labs Equipment Transfer Program).

Recipients of this competitive grant will be awarded $500 USD in plasmid requests from the Addgene catalog. You can find previous awardees and descriptions of their work on the Addgene blog. We expect to make five awards in 2018.

Grants will be awarded to labs that demonstrate a clear research plan that could benefit from the use of plasmids. Applicants do not need to request specific plasmids from the Addgene repository prior to being selected; Addgene scientists will gladly assist awardees in requesting plasmids that will be most useful for their work.

Awardees will be selected by a committee made up of the Addgene Executive Director, Addgene scientists, and Seeding Labs staff and prioritized on the basis that the application describes both a demonstrated need for the grant and a well-planned research project that can benefit from the use of plasmids from the Addgene repository.

Grants will be contingent upon the requesting institution signing a Material Transfer Agreement (MTA) between the requesting institution and the depositing institution. Addgene will initiate the MTA once the order has been placed. Plasmids are typically shipped within 2 business days of MTA approval.


The program is open to staff/faculty members and postgraduate students at selected schools and departments supported by Seeding Labs through 2018 who have been invited to apply. Applicants must also have sufficient training to use plasmids effectively as part of a research project. Please direct any questions concerning eligibility to

How to Apply

Applications are open now. The application period will close on 15 August 2018.

To apply, please download the appropriate application form below and answer all questions completely. Applications must be submitted in English. Please email submissions to with the subject line “Plasmid Grant Application [your name].”

For More Information

Please direct any questions to
We hope that these awards will both accelerate biology research in the labs they’re granted to, as well as shine a light on some of the great minds working in developing countries.
Joanne Kamens, PhD, Executive Director of Addgene