Building a world where all scientists can make life-changing discoveries

Talent is everywhere. Resources are not.
We believe that unleashing the full potential of scientists worldwide is our best hope for fighting global diseases, feeding our growing population, and protecting our planet. With your help, we can equip all scientists with the tools, training, and connections they need to be on the cutting edge of global discovery.

Why global science?

In a world with fewer and fewer borders, international development benefits all of us. We must provide the greatest scientific minds overseas with the tools and training they need to respond to local challenges before they become global crises.

Supporting researchers on the scientific frontlines — wherever that may be — strengthens our entire global community.
Why global science matters locally

Who do we work with?

Seeding Labs works with people like you across the world who care about global health and disease, environmental protection and climate change, agriculture and nutrition, and public health. Our colleagues are generating social impact through science. Together, we can change the world. Join us!
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Where do we work?

With your help, Seeding Labs works where we are needed most and where we can make the greatest difference. All locations are strategically selected for having limited resources but limitless potential. We channel donations of equipment, time, and talent where they will have the greatest global impact.
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Why does this work?

Simply put, our model works because it’s strategic, rigorous, and comprehensive at all levels. We aren’t just moving equipment from Point A to Point B. We are giving scientists in the developing world the tools, training, and connections they need to be on the cutting edge of global discovery.
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